A Strategy For Keeping Your Dumpster Rental Rat Free

Renting a dumpster (from an outlet such as Lakeshore Recycling) to clean out debris from a home is a good plan. Unfortunately, your dumpster could end up becoming a short-term rental property for unwanted guests. Rats, looking for both food and shelter, may sneak inside under the cover of darkness creating a health and safety hazard when you or someone else accesses the dumpster. To reduce the chances of suffering harm, follow a few preventive steps when working in an area known for the presence of rats.

Secure the Lid with a Tarp

Closing the lid on the dumpster and locking it down might seem like the best way to bar rats from entering. You definitely are going to make their entry more difficult, but you may not be able to keep them out entirely. Rats, like mice, are small-boned animals. They can squeeze easily into very small holes or cracks. A slight separation between the lid and the top of the dumpster could provide ample space for a rat to enter.

Do not rely solely on the closed and locked lid. Throw a tarp over the lid and tie a rope around the tarp right below the point in which the lid meets the top of the dumpster. You may even want to use and tie two tarps. Rats are going to find it tough to get inside once you do this, although the possibility does exist the rodents could chew through. While not likely, stay ever on the alert for their presence when opening and closing the lid.

Add Repellents to the Dumpster

Rats not only find things thanks to their sense of smell, these rodents' noses help tell them what places are best avoided. Mothballs are a decent repellent and so are spices such as cayenne pepper

Mixing up more than one rat repellent in the dumpster increases the chances of keeping them away. Pour a heaping amount into the bottom of an empty dumpster and then add some more at the end of your work day to the top of the debris.

Avoid Poisons

It is not wise to add poison to the dumpster since poisons are usually designed to attract rats rather than keep them away. Common rodents found in stores might not even be strong enough to kill the rats. Besides, if you kill the rats, how do you get their rotting, possibly diseased corpses out of the dumpster? Stick with preventive methods. They offer a better solution.