Property Managers: How To Make Recycling Easy For Your Tenants

As a property manager, you probably understand the importance of encouraging your tenants to recycle. Not only will doing so help the environment, but it can also help get rid of any junk that might otherwise sit around the apartment complex and make the property look less than appealing to passerby and potential tenants.

Although you might have asked your tenants to recycle and may have even sent out flyers and other information, you could still be struggling to encourage them to recycle their waste as much as possible. What you should understand, however, is that you might not be making recycling easy enough for them. If you take a few steps to make recycling as easy as possible for your tenants, you might be surprised by how many will actually comply:

Set Up a Big Recycling Bin On-Site

It's always a good idea to set up dumpsters and recycling bins on-site at your apartment complex. Some tenants might not be able to easily haul off their garbage or might not be willing to pay for extra garbage removal services. If you have dumpsters and recycling bins on-site, you can help ensure that your tenants get rid of the garbage that could make your complex look messy. Plus, if there is a recycling bin conveniently located near the dumpster, tenants will be more likely to toss cardboard boxes and other recyclables in the right receptacle.

Put a Paper Waste Receptacle in the Mail Area

If your tenants check their mail in the same place, such as in a mail room or a common mailbox area, consider placing a paper waste receptacle nearby. Many tenants toss out their junk mail before they ever make it to their apartments; this can help cut down on clutter in the apartment units themselves, but the bad news is that this paper waste could end up in the garbage can or scattered on your lawn. If you have a paper waste receptacle in the mail area, however, it will be easy for your  tenants to toss this junk mail in the right place.

Add a Donation Box

Consider putting a donation box in a common area in your complex. For example, one of these boxes could work well in the laundry area, where tenants can toss clothes that they no longer want. This can cut down on waste, and you can work with a local charity to donate these items  to people in need.

As you can see, there are a few ways that you can make recycling a breeze for your tenants. By doing so, you can help ensure that your tenants recycle as much as possible, which is good for both your complex and the world around you. Contact a company like Uribe Refuse Services Inc. to learn more.