3 Questions About Scrapping Copper Wire

The process of scrapping metal for cash can be quite complicated. Not only does each metal have its own value, but individual metals can vary in value depending on their condition. Here are some questions you're likely to have about scrapping metal wire specifically.

When Is It Worth It To Strip Wire? 

Be aware that copper wire is going to be a big source for scrap metal, but the wire is often found with its protective sheathing around it. This means that you need to decide if you want to strip the sheathing from the metal or scrap it with the sheathing on it. 

Know that stripping wires of their sheathing is a time-consuming process. However, all that work will end up getting you more money for the copper wire. The need to strip the wire really depends on how valuable your time is, and if you have the skills and tools to make the process go faster. 

The need to strip copper wire will also depend on the type of wire that you have. Thicker wire is going to be easier to strip and worth more money, especially bare bright copper that is in great condition. Thin wire may not be worth it to you because stripping is time intensive and you won't make that much more from the work you put into it.

How Do You Easily Strip Wire?

One tip for stripping wires is to get the wire warm. This can be done by leaving it outside in the sun or heating it up in some other way. This will allow the sheathing material to easily detach itself from the wire by using a knife to cut and peel the sheathing right off of it. However, be aware that you do not want to do anything to burn the wire. Not only is it dangerous to your health to be around burning copper, but it is also going to char the wire and cause it to be worth less money than it would normally be worth. 

Should You Separate Your Copper Wire?

Copper wire has different grades, and it is in your best interest to separate it before you scrap it. If you have bare bright copper mixed in with #1 or #2 copper, you are going to get the lesser value of what the copper is worth. Always take the time to separate it according to grade so that you get the most value possible at the scrap yard. 

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