6 Materials That Are Worth Scrapping For Cash

Have you been looking around your town for metal that you can scrap for extra cash? If so, you should definitely keep an eye out for these sources of scrap metal that people are just throwing away. 

Bed Frames 

People tend to buy a new bed frame to go with their new mattress. This results in them throwing out the metal frame that went with their old mattress. If you ever see a mattress that has been thrown away, it's worth stopping to look if the bed frame is still there. All that metal has scrap value that makes it worth taking. 

Wheel Rims

The old rims from a car may not be worth much to the owner, but they have a bit of value. It can be difficult to remove the tire from the rim if you find them together, but the bare rim can be quite valuable. 

Transformers And Motors

There is a lot of steel that is found in transformers and motors, but it is known as high silica steel. Copper is frequently wrapped around this steel, and it's a special type of steel that is a higher value than others. It's worth separating this type of steel from other steel because some scrap yards will give you more money for it. 

Brake Rotors And Drums

One item that you do not want to pass up is old brake rotors and drums. These can either be from old junk cars that are not usable anymore or waste from people that swap out these parts with new ones and throw away the old parts. These parts are often found together, and there will be multiple pairs of them as well. You can get a few bucks out of them instead of passing them by.

Cast Iron Pipes

Old sewage and drain pipes have value in them, and it's not due to the steel that they are made out of. What you are looking for is the soft lead that is used to seal these pipes together. It can take some time to remove the lead from the steal, but it is quite valuable to a scrap yard.

Aluminum Siding And Soffits

Have you seen someone that is replacing the old aluminum siding on their home? This siding material can be worth picking up later. This material can add up quickly, even though each individual piece is not that much aluminum. In addition, a roof replacement can have aluminum soffit materials that are just as valuable.

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