Construction Clean-Up: 4 Disposal Options For The Junk

Construction often creates a lot of debris, from torn out windows to discarded wood. Whether you work on a construction site or are thinking of attempting some DIY renovations, you'll need to figure out how you will dispose of the waste. Here are four methods for removing construction waste:

1. Donate Materials

A lot of the "waste" materials from construction sites aren't waste at all. In fact, many of them can be reused and re-purposed. Old appliances, light fixtures, flooring tiles, and even counter tops can all be donated to someone in need. If you don't know anyone personally, you can take it to a place that accepts donated materials, such as a thrift store.

If you do want to donate the materials that are still operational, make sure you remove them carefully. After all, no one wants broken items.

2. Reuse Materials

You can also save and reuse any materials that you think might benefit you—or future projects. Items such as pipes, pallets, insulation, and metal can often be reused for another project. So set these items aside if you would like. You'll save some money on future projects and prevent the landfills from overfilling—a win-win.

3. Recycle Materials

Another option for discarding construction waste is to recycle it. Almost everything from a construction site can be taken to a recycling plant and broken down. For the most part, you can recycle everything except chemicals and oil. In general, you can recycle scrap wood, metal, cardboard, concrete, asphalt, and even drywall. So if you want an eco-friendly option for getting rid of your construction waste, consider recycling it.

4. Scrap Materials

Finally, you can also choose to scrap some—or all—of your materials. You can do this by hauling it to the landfill yourself or by hiring a professional. If you decide to hire a professional, they will usually come to your construction site and haul the waste away for a fee. Sometimes, professionals will even divvy out the waste as they see fit, including donating or recycling.

Other options for scrapping waste can include using a standard garbage collection service or contacting a company. Finally, you could rent a roll-off dumpster to remove your construction waste.

As you can see, there are many methods for disposing construction waste. You can use a single method or combine methods, depending on your budget and personal preference. Ideally, you should at least recycle some of the materials to help benefit others and the earth. 

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