Setting Up A Recycling Program For Batteries In Your Local Government

Having your local municipality support a battery recycling program provides a host of benefits to the surrounding community. You can help spread awareness about the dangers of disposing of batteries improperly as well as helping young students in the neighborhood learn a new way to help protect the environment. Here are some ways to implement the recycling program to both educate the public and have a positive impact on the world around you.

Set Up Recycling Buckets

Work with your local waste management company to acquire recycling buckets specifically designed for recycling batteries These buckets or bins should be clearly labeled so they stand out from other recycling containers. Consider placing these buckets in public spaces throughout the community, such as the library, courthouse, city hall, and police department. Arrange to have the buckets emptied on a regular basis as part of your city's trash disposal program. You can also ask local businesses, such as local electronics retailers, to put buckets in their storefronts. This makes it even easier for residents to find places to recycle. Adding the buckets can also get the businesses to participate as well.

Use Educational Posters

Educational posters are perfect for helping spread awareness about your new program. Consider putting up posters at each bucket that walk people through what they should do when they dispose of batteries. For example, the poster might tell people to seal leaking disposable batteries in heavy-duty plastic zipper bags to keep the corrosive contents contained. Your trash disposal service may have posters available that you can use, or you can partner with the public schools in town to have students design their own for your city. The posters should use a lot of pictures or diagrams to make the concepts simple for children and adults alike to understand.

Run A Marketing Campaign

To help ensure the success of your program, it's a good idea to run a bit of a marketing campaign. You can use the local government's social media sites to advertise the program and answer questions from the public. Another option would be to host an informational meeting at the local library. Consider asking your trash disposal company or recycling center to visit schools to give students information about the project. You can even host a contest in the schools to see which one can collect the most batteries for recycling to get interest in the project.

For more information, get in touch with a company that offers battery recycling services.