4 Reasons To Have Your Old Air Conditioning Unit Recycled

If you are preparing to install a new air conditioning unit, or if you have recently done so, you might have an older air conditioning unit that needs to be disposed of. Fortunately, there are recycling options for getting rid of old air conditioning units. These are four reasons why you may want to look into one of these recycling options. 1. Get It Out of the Way First of all, after you have installed a new unit, you probably want to get rid of your old unit as soon as you can. [Read More]

Tips For Finding The Right Waste Stream Management Solutions

We live in a time where waste is abundant and the environment needs some protection through sustainability efforts. In this regard, recycling is one of the most important things you can do. However, recycling is only as good as the way that it is carried out. You will want to look into waste stream management so that you can productively assess all the variables that go into your recycling program, so you can then make the best decisions. [Read More]

Take Back Your Warehouse Or Property With Professional Scrap Metal Cleanup

If you work in a business that regularly produces waste or scrap as part of the production process, you may decide to keep at least some of it on site for the short term. You may occasionally be able to use your scrap metal for other purposes or to fill in a gap in available materials. But if your scrap has really started to pile up, it might be time to seek out professional help. [Read More]

Setting Up A Recycling Program For Batteries In Your Local Government

Having your local municipality support a battery recycling program provides a host of benefits to the surrounding community. You can help spread awareness about the dangers of disposing of batteries improperly as well as helping young students in the neighborhood learn a new way to help protect the environment. Here are some ways to implement the recycling program to both educate the public and have a positive impact on the world around you. [Read More]